UK Field Meetings

The Geologists’ Association organizes a number of day-long and weekend field meetings.

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Please note non-GA members pay an additional £5 for each trip.

2017 Meetings

Saturday 14 October 2017
An afternoon visit to the ‘ Dinosaurs from China’ exhibition in Nottingham
Leader : Mike Howgate

This will be an afternoon visit to the ‘Dinosaurs from China’ exhibition from a viewpoint sceptical of the Dinosaur-Bird link consensus which prevails within the palaeontological community and popular science journals.

As key specimens which are seen as backing the dino-bird link will be on display it will be an ideal opportunity to see the alleged proto-feathers on Sinosauropteryx and the supposed dinosaurian features of the ‘four-winged flyer’ Microraptor gui which are used to place it among Dromaeosaurids on dinosaur cladograms. Members will then have both sides of the debate as the exhibition will inevitably be skewed towards the dino-bird theory.

We would also look at the other less contentious exhibits which include the superb long-necked sauropod Mamenchisaurus.

COST: £12 which will include the admission charge into the exhibition.


Leader: Peter Austen and Ed Jarzembowski



Leader: Eddie Bailey

Date TBC

We will be looking through windows in the Triassic and Glacial overburdens into the late Neo-Proterozoic exposed in Bardon Hill Quarry, Leicestershire. As well as the andesites and volcaniclastics we will also see the Triassic unconformity and study the glacial deposits being revealed in the extension area.

It is unlikely indeed probably impossible that we will find any Ediacara fossils but we will see the rocks being laid down at the time. Depending on time we may take the group to Charnwood forest to the actual location of the discovery of Charnia masoni and Charniodiscus.

Equipment: You must have a hard, hat hi-vis jacket and appropriate footwear.

Please note the following important information for Field Meetings:

BOOKING. You must book through the GA office to confirm attendance. Meeting times and locations will be confirmed on booking. These are not normally advertised in advance, as there have been problems with members turning up without booking or paying and maximum numbers being exceeded. Field meetings are open to non-members although attendance by non-members is subject to a £5 surcharge on top of the normal administration fee. Some meetings may have restrictions on age (especially for under 16s) or be physically demanding. If you are uncertain, please ask.

PAYMENTS for day and weekend meetings must be made before attending any field meeting. Cheques should be made out to Geologists' Association Field Meetings. If making multiple bookings, please enclose a separate cheque for each meeting unless you have first confirmed that there are places available. A stamped addressed envelope is appreciated. Please give a contact telephone number and, if possible, an email address and provide the names of any other persons that you are including in your booking. Please also provide and emergency contact name and telephone number at the time of booking.

PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE for field meetings is provided but personal accident cover remains the responsibility of the participant. Further details are available upon request from the GA office.

SAFETY is taken very seriously. Should you be unsure about either the risks involved or your ability to participate, you must seek advice from the GA office before booking. Please make sure that you study the risk assessment prepared for all GA field meetings and that you have all the safety equipment specified. You must decalre, at the time of booking, any disabilities or medical conditions that may affect your ability to safely attend a field meeting. You may be asked to provide further information on any prescription drugs etc. that you may use whilst attending a field meeting. In order to ensure the safety of all participants, the GA reserves the right to limit or refuse attendance at field meetings.

EMERGENCY CONTACT: If you are lost or late for the start of a meeting, an emergency contact is available during UK field meetings by calling the GA mobile phone (07724 133290). The mobile phone will only be switched on just before and during field meetings. For routine enquiries please call the GA office on the usual number.

The GA's FIELDWORK CODE is widely recognized as a standard for advice and guidance in the field. The code can be obtained free of charge, and is available for distribution.