The Geologists’ Association provides a number of grants from funds designed to promote the highest quality research projects and wide dissemination. Some funds are restricted to members. There are limited funds open to non-members.

Eligible applications are judged on the basis of (i) scientific excellence; (ii) financial need and (iii) value for money. The Geologists’ Association also administers the Curry Fund, which supports a variety of initiatives in geological conservation, publication and outreach. In addition, the GA recognises the contributions of earth scientists, both professional and amateur, through its prizes and medals.

For further information on all awards apart from the Curry Fund, please click on the links to the right or email:

Standard Research Awards

General rules and procedures (for all awards)

1. No more than one award in all categories will be made to an individual member in any one calendar year (see also note 7 below).

2. All applications will be considered by a panel drawn from Council.

3. Applications for all awards can be submitted at any time and will be considered by the Awards Panel as follows: Standard grants: (deadline 15th November), Prize nominations: once a year (deadlines vary according to prize)

4. Results of each grant round will normally be available within 6 weeks of the deadline.

5. The GA will not consider retrospective applications, although applications made well before the November deadline may be considered for activities taking place before November.

6. Where indicated in their award letter, successful applicants must submit a written report (suitable for publication in the Magazine) and/or a statement of expenditure, by a specified deadline.

7. Successful applicants who do not provide the written reports requested cannot be considered for future awards until their reports have been received.

8. No further applications will be considered until 12 months have elapsed from the time of receipt of written reports and/or statements of expenditure.

9. The financial support from the GA should be acknowledged in any publication, poster or presentation arising from funded activities.


All awards except UKOGL: 15th November
UKOGL: 15th April
Prize nominations: 15th January