GA Council

Nick Pierpoint Nicholas Pierpoint

GA President
Nick Pierpoint Dr Vanessa Banks
Senior Vice-President
Mick Oates Dr Michael Oates
Vice President & Indoor Meetings Secretary
Liam Gallagher Dr Liam Gallagher
Vice President
GA Magazine Editor
David Bridgland Professor David Bridgland
Chair of Publications & Communications Committee, with responsibility for Earth Heritage
Colin Prosser Dr Colin Prosser
Graham Williams Dr Graham Williams
Di Clements Diana Clements
General Secretary
Haydon Bailey Dr Haydon Bailey
Curry Fund Chairman & SchoolRocks! Awards Panel Chairman
Di Clements Alison Barraclough
Education, SchoolRocks! & Safeguarding
Rebecca Bell Dr Rebecca Bell
Student Liaison
Social Media (Twitter)
Susan Brown Susan Brown
Rockwatch Chairman
Adrian Champion Adrian Champion
Sandy Colville Stewart Dr Sandy Colville-Stewart
Minutes Secretary
John Cosgrove Professor John Cosgrove
Secretary to Publications and Communications Committee & Awards Panel
Nikki Edwards Nikki Edwards
Graham Hickman
UK Field Meetings Secretary
Jonathan Larwood Dr Jonathan Larwood
GA Archivist
Curry Fund Secretary
sara osman Dr Sara Osman
Librarian & Data Protection
Lucia Perez-Diaz Dr Lucia Perez-Diaz
Awards Panel Secretary, GA Student Symposium & Website
Ian Sutton Dr Ian Sutton
Overseas Field Meetings Secretary
David Ward David Ward
SchoolRocks! & GeoWeek rep
David Ward Dr Peter Jones – co-opted
Conference 2019
John Cooper John Cooper – co-opted
Social Media (Facebook) and University contacts
gerald lucy Gerald Lucy – co-opted
Photo competition & fliers
Susan Mariott Professor Susan Marriott – co-opted
Guides Editor
thomas phillips Thomas Phillips – co-opted
Student Rep
Richard Trounson – co-opted
Legal Advice
Sarah Stafford Sarah Stafford
Executive Secretary
Prof. Malcolm Hart
PGA Editor (not on Council)