GA Magazine
Volume 18, Issue 1
March 2019

Table of Contents

5 Report from Council

5 Evening Lecture Abstract April, 2019. Minerals of the English Midlands. Roy Starkey

7 Obituary: Joe Collins

8  Evening Lecture Abstract May, 2019. Presidential Address; Hydrocarbon exploration is a riskybusiness. Nick Pierpoint

9 Evening Lecture Abstract June, 2019. Virtual reality and drone mapping - geological applications of immersive learning. Claudia Ruiz-Graham

9 Evening Lecture Abstract July 2019. Cretaceous amber - bits of ancient ecosystems. Ricardo Perez de la Fuente

11 Festival of Geology Building Stones Walk; 4th November, 2018. Hyde Park Corner Station to Green Park Station. Leader Matt Loader. By Diana Clements

11 Festival of Geology Walk; 4th November, 2018. Geotrail around Greenwich Park. Leader London Geodiversity Partnership. By Diana Clements

12 GA Autumn Conference 2018. The Geology of Mordor. By Lesley Exton

14 Evening Lecture Report: Control the drainage; the gospel accorded to Sinkholes. Tony Waltham. By Lesley Exton

16 Book Review: Fossils of Morocco; Volume 1. Emblematic localities from the Palaeozoic of the Anti- Atlas. Patrice Lebrun, Publisher: Piat (Editions du). By David Bone

17 Location Report: The Chicxulub Crater, Mexico. By David Bone

19 Circular

22 A brief history of the Mole Valley Geological Society. By Clare Hill

25 Wyley Fund Report: Thyreophora, the armoured dinosaurs. By Tom Raven

27 Exhibition Report: Core Sample Temporary Exposure. By Diana Clements

31 News Item: Kendal Museum Geological Museum. By Richard Wrigley

34 Rockwatch News

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