GA Magazine
Volume 18, Issue 3
September 2019

Table of Contents

3  From the President

5 Report from Council

8 Evening Lecture Abstract: October 2019; Searching for a giant impact crater in Scotland. By: Dr Mike Simms

8 Evening Lecture Abstract: December 2019; The secret life of the starfish: the origin of asterozoan echinoderms in the Ordovician. By: Dr Aaron Hunter

10 Presidential Address: May 3rd 2019; Hydrocarbon exploration is a risky business; Nicholas Pierpoint. By: Lesley Exton

12 GASS2019 - Geological solutions to global challenges; what difference does your research make? By: Liam Gallagher

14 GASS2019 - Poster Prize winner; Temperature modelling and the link with gas hydrates. By: Arka Dyuti Sarkar

15 GASS2019 - Presentation Prize winner; Deep carbon cycling over the past 200 million years; evaluating contributions from tectonic settings. By: Kevin Wong

18 GA Notice. The GA and our role in geological conservation; let us know your thoughts. By: Colin Prosser

20 Obituary: David John Batten. By: Peter A. Austin

21 Book Review: World of Geology; Travels to Rocky Places; Tony Waltham. By: Nina Morgan

22 News Item: The Geopark Way - Recognition 10 years on and a new, revised guidebook. By: Sue Knox

24 News Item: The John Catt Symposium. By Haydon Bailey.

25 Field Meeting Report: The John Catt Symposium: Dunstable Downs & Kensworth Nature Reserve Site. By: Lesley Exton

26 Circular

30 Field Meeting Report: a 2 day excursion to the South Devon Coast. By: Mervyn Jones

32 GA Field Meeting Report: A geological Tour of Geopark Shetland Mainland & Unst. By: Malcolm Mundy

35 Geolab Review: Wargrave

37 GA Student Award Report. The magmatic & Impact History of Planetesimals in the Early Solar System. By: Ben Rider-Stokes

39 News Item: Blue Plaque to Martin Venables; Sussex geologist. By David Bone

42 News Item: Pliocene Forest; 10 years on. By: Roger Dixon

45 Rockwatch News

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