GA Magazine
Volume 18, Issue 4
December 2019

Table of Contents

3  From the President

4 Report from Council

7 Evening Lecture January 2020: Strange bed fellows: Did gypsum weathering drive the radiation of complex life? By: Prof Graham Shields

7 Evening Lecture February 2020: Chicxulub’s role in the Cretaceous/Paleogene (K-Pg) mass extinction. By: Prof Joanna Morgan

9 Field Meeting Report: Peterborough; led by Colin Prosser & Jonathan Larwood. By: Nicholas Pierpoint

11 Prize winning and highly commended entries in GA Photo competition 2019

14 Field Meeting Report: Madrid the Museums - Reconnaissance. Led by David & Anne Bone. By: Roger Dixon

16 Opinion Article: Mapping the Knighton Geological Sheet October, 2019. By Arthur Tingley

17 Circular

21 Book Review: Earthquakes and Volcanoes; Chiara Petrone. By Rebecca Bell

21 Book Review: the Geopark Way; a 109 mile walking trail of Rocks, Landscape and heritage - (Bridgnorth to Gloucester including the Abberley and Malvern Hills). By Nicholas Pierpoint

22 Field Meeting Report: Weald Clay of Warnham. Led by Ed Jarzembowski & Peter Austen

24 Field Meeting Report: The Peak District. Led by Haydon Bailey & Lucy Manifold. By Mike Lambert

28 Opinion Article: 1258 - Salisbury Cathedral and one of the world’s greatest volcanic eruptions

31 Rockwatch News

33 Rockwriter Winner 2019: Yellowstone: Rivers deep fountains high. By Oliver Smith

34 Book Review: Trilobites, Dinosaurs & Mammoths; An introduction to the prehistory of the British Isles; James McKay. By Susan Brown

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