GA Magazine
Volume 19, Issue 1
March 2020

Table of Contents

3  From the President

4 Report from Council

5 Evening Lecture March 6th 2020: Environments and Landscapes during the development of the Mid-Palaeocene Hebridean Igneous Province, NW Scotland: contributions from tectonic settings. Dr Ian T. Williamson

7 Evening Lecture: April 3rd 2020: “Pills and Politics”; a new look at George Bellas Greenough and his Geological Map of 1820. By: Prof Hugh Torrens

7 Presidential Address: May 1st 2020: Exploring for Hydrocarbons - a Risky Business (Pt 2). By: Nicholas Pierpoint

9 Halstead Lecture: June 5th 2020: Deep carbon cycling through time: evaluating contributions from past tectonic settings. By: Kevin Wong

9 2019 GA Conference Field meeting Report: The Williamson Tunnels. Leader: Phillip Firth, By: Richard Wrigley

11 Festival of Geology Field meeting Report: Thorndon Country Park, Essex. Leaders: Ros & Ian Mercer, with Peter Allen. By: Nick Pierpoint

12 Evening Lecture Report: Search for an impact crater in Scotland: Dr Mike Simms; By: Lesley Exton

14 Evening Lecture Report: The secret life of the starfish: The origin of asterozoan echinoderms in the Ordovician Dr Aaron Hunter; By Lesley Exton

16 Circular

21 Geoconservation: Dorset’s Important Geological Sites group (DIGS) By: Alan Holiday

23 Book Review: Darwin’s Fossils; Discoveries that shaped the theory of evolution By: Adrian Lister. By: Haydon & Lucas Bailey

25 Field Meeting Report: Excursion to the Yorkshire Coast. Leaders: Prof. Peter Rawson & Dr. John Wright, By: Mick Oates & Graham Hickman

26 Festival of Geology Field Meeting Report: London Building Stones walk in the City & Geotrail along the Thames Path from the Barrier to Greenwich. By Diana Clements

29 Rockwatch News.

Selected excerpts