GA Magazine
Volume 20, Issue 2
June 2021

Table of Contents

4  From the President

6 Report from Council

7 Evening Lecture July 2021: Geothermal Resources of the UK By: Dr C. M. Hirst

9 GA Awards 2021

11 Evening Lecture February 2021: Tectonic plates, mantle plumes, and the importance of keeping good time; Dr Lucia Perez Diaz; By: Lesley Exton

12 vGASS2021

15 Halstead Lecture March 2021: Earthquake chasing around the world: Dr Zöe Mildon; By: Lesley Exton

17 Evening Lecture April 2021: A journey from Lilliput to Brobdingnag: Bivalve mollusc body size across the end-Triassic mass extinction and recovery: Dr. Jed W. Atkinson; By: Lesley Exton

19 Opinion Article: Funding needed to improve access to key field sites for the disabled and to create a database of sites with easy access; By: Richard R F J Arthur

22 News Item: Showcase of Denise Dutton’s maquette of Mary Anning at Lyme Regis; By: Nick Pierpoint

23 Book Review: STRATA: William Smith’s Geological Maps; By: Jonathan Larwood

25 Circular

27 Opinion Article: Avon Gorge Thrust Faults; By: Richard R F J Arthur

30 Book Review: The Fossil Woman: a life of Mary Anning,: Tom Sharpe; By: Diana Clements

31 Book Review: Measures for Measure: Geology and the Industrial Revolution: Mike Leeder; By: Tim Holt-Wilson

32 Book Review: A Guide to the Geology of Islay, Jura and Colonsay Volume II, David Webster, Roger Anderton & Alasdair Skelton; By: Nick Pierpoint

34 News Item: Recovery of the Winchcombe Meteorite: A triumph for collaboration and citizen science; By: Mike Lambert interviewing Jim Rowe

40 Opinion Article: Lessons from a Letter? By: M. Simpson & H. S. Torrens

43 Rockwatch News

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