GA Magazine
Volume 19, Issue 3
September 2020

Table of Contents

4  From the President

6 Report from Council

8 Geologists’ Association Awards Presentations 2020

11 Obituary: Adrian Champion. By Nick Pierpoint & Haydon Bailey

12 Field Meeting Report: An Excursion to the Lizard Igneous Complex, Cornwall. By: John McMahon Moore

15 Book Review: Reading the Earth: How a Priest, a soldier and a schoolteacher uncovered 300 million years of History. By Nick Davidson

16 News Item: The Mary Anning Letter. By Liam Gallagher

18 Evening Lecture: Drilling the Chicxulub Impact Crater; Prof. Jo Morgan. By Lesley Exton

19 Presidential Address: Exploring for Hydrocarbons - a Risky Business (Part 2). By Nick Pierpoint

20 Circular

22 Virtual Field Trip Report: Turkey. By Graeme Churchard

24 Opinion Article: Smokejacks update. By Ed Jarzembowski & Peter Austen

26 Field Meeting Report: The Lava Tubes of Tenerife. By Richard Wrigley

27 Field Meeting Report: Gara Rock, Devon. Leaders John Mather, Chris Adams & Jenny Bennett. By Caz Donovan.

29 Field Meeting Report: Portishead. By Hannah Graham.

30 Book Review: Outpost - A journey to the Wild Ends of the Earth; By Dan Richards.By Stephen K. Donovan

31 Opinion Article: Tsunami in the Mediterranean? By Derek Mottershead.

34 Opinion Article: So much within a quarter of a mile. By Nick Cameron

35 Opinion Article: Out and about Geologising ‘post’ Lockdown. By Mike & Christine Howgate.

37 Field Meeting Report: Stonesfield Slate. Leader Mike Howgate. By Richard Furminger

38 Curry Fund Award: GeoEd - fossil replicas get a new website. By Jonathan Larwood & Will Watts

39 Rockwatch News

Selected excerpts