GA Magazine
Volume 19, Issue 4
December 2020

Table of Contents

4 From the President

6 Report from Council

8 Evening Lecture January 2021: Almost like being here: new approaches to deciphering animal behaviour from trace fossils By: Dr Jon Noad

9 Evening Lecture February 2020: Tectonic plates, mantle plumes, and the importance of keeping good time By: Dr Lucía Pérez Díaz

9 Halstead Lecture: Earthquake chasing around the world By: Dr Zoe Mildon

10 Obituary: David Mudge

13 Meeting Report: vFoG. By: Vanessa Banks

15 Evening Lecture July 2020: The weird and wonderful world of sedimentology; Dr Jon Noad; By: Lesley Exton

16 Evening Lecture September 2020: Comparing the flints of England with the cherts/flints of the Eocene-Miocene White Limestone of Jamaica; Prof. Simon Mitchell; By: Lesley Exton

18 Presentation of 2020 Foulerton Award and Curry Fund Certificate of Excellence. By: Nicholas Pierpoint

19 Prize winning and highly commended entries in GA Photo competition 2020

22 Presidential Address (Pt 2) Subsurface risks and consequences. Nicholas Pierpoint; By: Lesley Exton

23 News Item: The GA and coping with the ‘virus’. By: Nicholas Pierpoint

24 Circular

26 News Item: The Etches Collection Museum. By Dr. Andy Racey

31 Book Review: Ericdotes. Tony Doré & Nina Morgan. By: Jonathan Larwood

33 News Item: Geology in my life / my life in Geology: Christine Woodward. By: Vanessa Banks

34 Opinion Article The Avon Gorge: Geology by photograph. By: Graeme Churchard

38 Opinion Article: Earth Science depictions on British Cigarette Cards pre 1940. By: Stuart Baldwin

40 Opinion Article: The unusual case of a “hot” Micraster as a link between Palaeontology, Chemistry & Agriculture. By: Stuart Baldwin

41 Curry Fund Report

42 Curry Fund Support Report: Conservation of the “Landslip” Panel at Lyme Regis Museum. By: Richard Bull

44 Curry Fund Support Report: Raspberry Shake: A Saga of Seismic Scale. By: Mark Eller

47 Rockwriter Winner 2020: Is Deep Sea mining the key to a Zero Carbon Economy? By: Samuel Wood

50 Rockwatch News

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