GA Magazine
Volume 20, Issue 1
March 2021

Table of Contents

From the President

6 Report from Council

Evening Lecture April 2021: A journey from Lilliput to Brobdingnag: Bivalve molluscs body size trends across the end-Triassic mass extinction and recovery By: Dr Jed W. Atkinson

8  Presidential Address May 2021: Shallow geohazards and environmental change By: Dr. Vanessa Banks

9  Evening Lecture June 2021: Pterodactyls of the Sahara Desert By: Prof David Martill

11 Evening Lecture December 2020: Environmental conditions that existed during rebuilding of an Early Carboniferous ecosystem; Prof Sarah Davies;
By: Lesley Exton 

13 Evening Lecture January 2021: Almost like being there: new approaches to deciphering animal behaviour from trace fossils; Dr. Jon Noad;
By: Lesley Exton

15 News Item: An update from Geology from your sofa (GFYS) By: Janet Wright & Alison Barraclough

18 Circular

21  vFoG Walks: Real Urban Geology Walks near you By: Diana Clements

22  vFoG Walks: Hull Cemetery By: Mike Horne

25 Opinion Article The Quaternary exposed west of the Cuckmere, East Sussex By: Ed Jarzembowski & Peter Austen

27 Opinion Article: The Chilterns chalk dry valleys, not so dry? By: Simon Cains

29 News Item: The Smugglers Trail of Thanet By: Richard Hubbard

32 Opinion Article: Orleigh Court By: David Ward

34 Rockwatch News

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