GA Magazine
Volume 20, Issue 4
December 2021

Table of Contents

4 From the President

6 Report from Council

8 Evening Lecture January 2022: The Secret Life of Crinoids: Dr Aaron Hunter

8  Evening Lecture February 2022: Pushing Back the Boundaries of Early Life: Dr Martin Homann

9  Halstead Lecture March 2022: The Power of Outreach in the Geosciences: Dr Amy Edgington

9  News Item: Sidmouth Science Festival; By: David Ward

10  Evening Lecture July 2021: Geothermal Resources of the UK; Dr Catherine M. Hirst; By: Lesley Exton

12 Evening Lecture October 2021: “Pills and Politics”; a new look at George Bellas Greenough and his Geological Map of 1820; Prof Hugh Torrens; By: Lesley Exton

15 Field Meeting Report: West Dorset. Leader: Robert Chandler; By: Robert Chandler

19 Field Meeting Report: North Somerset. Leader: Jonathan Turner; By: Liam T. Gallagher

22 Circular

26 GA Conference 2021 Field Trip: Salisbury Crags, Edinburgh. Leader: Angus Miller , Scottish Geology Trust; By: Dr Liam T. Gallagher

28 News Item: Opening Up the Deep Freeze at College Lake (Pitstone Quarry, Marsworth SSSI). By: Nicholas Pierpoint

30 Prize-winning and highly commended photos in GA Photo competition 2021

33 News Item: Sutton Knoll SSSI and the Pliocene Forest. - a legacy. By: Judith Hall

36 Opinion Article: Dorking, Darwin and the Arthur Russel Wallace Mystery. By: Clare Hill

39  GA Conference 2021 Field Trip: Fishing in the Pavement... in the rain! Leader Al McGowan; By: Dr Vanessa Banks

40  Opinion Article: One of the Worlds’ First Climate Scientists. By: Nicholas Pierpoint

42 Rockwatch News

Selected excerpts