GA Magazine
Volume 21, Issue 1
March 2022

Table of Contents

4 From the President

6 Report from Council

9 Evening Lecture April 2022: The age of sea lilies & rainforests-life in a Carboniferous World: Dr Nick Riley

9  Presidential Address May 2022: Defining catchments in karst environments: Dr Vanessa Banks

10  Stopes Lecture June 2022: Mapping the past: Quaternary Palaeogeography; Prof. Martin R Bates

11  Book Review: London Clay - Journeys in the Deep City; Tom Chivers. By: Diana Clements

12  Evening Lecture December 2021:Dinosaurs: New Visions of a Lost World; Prof. Michael J. Benton. By: Lesley Exton

15 Obituary: Prof. John Murray; By: Prof. Malcolm Hart and Dr. Haydon Bailey

17  Obituary: Paul Kivenaar; By: Steve and Jackie Gibbs

18  News Item: Big Fossil, little fossil and the bigger picture; By: Dr Ian Boomer

20 Curry Fund Report: Rutland Ichthyosaur Excavation By: Dr. Dean Lomax

23 Meeting Report: Fossil crustaceans conference to celebrate the life and work of Joe Collins; By: Diana Clements

26 Circular

29 Field Meeting Report: East Burnham Quarry. By: Graham Hickman

31  News Item: UKFAll Award. By: Jim Lowe

32  Obituary: Roger Le Voir; By: Barbara Cumbers and Susan Brown

33  Obituary: Roger Dixon; By: Judith Hall

34  vFoG Field Trip: The City of London Cemetery: stories in the gravestones; Leaders: David Cook and Wendy Kirk. By: Linda Hamling

35  vFoG Field Trip: Urban Geology in Waltham Forest; Leader: Dr. Ruth Siddall. By: Gail Dickerson

37 vFoG Field Trip: Kensal Green Cemetery: In search of famous geologists & Engineers; Leaders John Henry and Diana Clements. By: John Henry

39 News Item: Smokejacks: 50+ years down the pit; By: Ed Jarzembowski and Peter Austen

41  News Item: ‘Rock Detectives’ at Evendons School, Wokingham; By: Alison Barraclough

42  News Item: International Geodiversity Day – 6th October every year; By: Colin Prosser

45 Rockwatch News

Selected excerpts