GA Magazine
Volume 21, Issue 2
June 2022

Table of Contents

3  From the President

5 Report from Council

6  Evening Lecture July 2022: Old crust, new ideas; Constraining lunar crustal formation using trace- elements By: Dr. John Pernet-Fisher

8 Geologists’ Association Annual Awards

12 Evening Lecture January 2022: Secret Life of the Crinoid - a post Permian story: Dr Aaron Hunter; By: Lesley Exton

16 Evening Lecture February 2022: Pushing Back the Boundaries of Early Life: Dr Martin Homann; By: Lesley Exton

18 News Item: Here be dragons! On the unexpected pterosaur wonder Dearc sgiathanach from the Isle of Skye, Scotland By: Ms. Natalia Jagielska

21  The Halstead Lecture March 2022: The power of Outreach in the Geosciences: Dr. Amy Edgington; By: Lesley Exton

22  Circular

26 Evening Lecture April 2022: The age of sea lilies and rainforests – life in a Carboniferous World: Dr. Nick Riley MBE; By: Lesley Exton

28 News Item: Down your Way - Discover Bucks! By: Nicholas Pierpoint

30 News Item: Mary Anning statue unveiled in Lyme Regis on her 223rd Birthday By: Nicholas Pierpoint

33 Curry Fund 2021 Certificate of Excellence: Conservation of an anonymous 1840’s oil on panel “hexaptych” of the Bindon Landslide of Christmas Day 1839 By: Nicholas Pierpoint

36 News Item: Geology Field Trips for Engineering Students from London South Bank University By: Diana Clements & Alison Barraclough

39 Rockwatch News

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