GA Magazine
Volume 21, Issue 4
December 2022

Table of Contents

4 From the President

6 Report from Council

7 Evening Lecture January 2023: The Lower Cretaceous ‘East Lindsey Group’ - a jewel in the geological crown of Lincolnshire. By: Dr Paul Hildreth

7 Evening Lecture February 2023: The Winchcombe Meteorite. By: Dr Ashley King

8 Evening Lecture March 2023: Excavating Plesiosaurs. By: Dr Richard Forrest

10 GA Annual Conference 2022 - Hull: Fantastic Fossils on your doorstep! By: Lynne & Charles Hugkulstone

13 Evening Lecture Report: The Rise and Fall of the last British-Irish Ice Sheet; Prof. Chris Clark. By: Lesley Exton

17 Evening Lecture Report: Old Crust, new ideas: Constraining lunar crustal formation using trace-elements; Dr John Pernet-Fisher. By: Lesley Exton

20 Geolab: comes to Bampton. By: Alison Barraclough

22 Opinion Article: Royston Cave, Hertfordshire - Definitely an intriguing place to visit! By: Nick Pierpoint, Haydon Bailey & Liam Gallagher

24 Circular

26 SchoolRocks! meets the International Geodiversity Day challenge! By: Haydon Bailey, Alison Barraclough & David Ward

28 GA Photo Competition 2022

32 News Item: Into the Nadir - a possible marine impact crater at the end of the Cretaceous period. By: Prof. Uisdean Nicholson

36 Opinion Articee: Geology built in - The Oxford University Museum of Natural History. By: Nina Morgan

38 News Item: Giant fish-eating dinosaurs from the Isle of Wight. By: Chris Barker

42 Field Meeting Report: Urban Geology in Victoria, London: Scottish Connections. Leader Dr Ruth Siddall. By Liz Jacques

44 Rockwatch News

46 Rockwriter Winner 2022: The Geology of Gerrans Bay - A field trip report. By: Jack Knight

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