GA Magazine
Volume 22, Issue 1
March 2023

Table of Contents

4 Report from Council

8 Evening Lecture April 2023: Pebbles of the Ice Age Coast By: Dr Mike Horne

8 Presidential Address: The Bilston Stone Quarries; digging up the past – geology & genealogy. By: Graham P. Hickman

9 Evening Lecture: Triassic islands of the Bristol area. By: Mr Jack Lovegrove

11 GA Field Guide Review: A Geological Field Guide to the Himalaya in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet; Dr Daniel Clark-Lowes. By: Hugh Russell

12 Evening Lecture December 2022: Volcanic activity up close, or “the drizzle burns my eyes and throat”; Dr Evgenia Ilyinskaya; By: Lesley Exton

14 Evening Lecture January 2023: The Lower Cretaceous ‘East Lindsey Group’ – a jewel in the geological crown of Lincolnshire; Paul Hildreth; By: Lesley Exton

18 GA Field Trip Announcements

20 Curry Fund Report: ‘Fossil Fishing at the Farm’ – a Jurassic marine world unearthed in a farmer’s field. By: Nigel Larkin

23 Field Meeting Report: Hertfordshire Geological Society; Flamborough Head, North Yorkshire; Leader: Paul Hildreth

24 Circular

31 Opinion Article: Just who was Dennis Curry of the ‘Curry Fund’? By: Dr Haydon Bailey

33 Field Meeting Report: Madrid, Spain Excursion. By: David & Anne Bone

37 Field Meetings & Excursions: a short chronicle and rationale. By: Tom Hose

42 News Item: Mary Anning Maquette ‘Road Trip’ Update. By: Nick Pierpoint

44 News Item: The hidden secrets of Late Triassic Scotland; Scleromochlus taylori. By: Dr Davide Foffa

46 Opinion Article: A Walk Through Britain’s Geology at the Oxford Natural History Museum Building, with Nina Morgan. By: Tony Doré

47 Rockwatch News

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