GA Magazine
Volume 22, Issue 2
June 2023

Table of Contents

4 Council Matters

6 Evening Lecture Abstract July 2023: BGS Geomaterials Collections - 200 years in the making; By: Mike Howe

8 Geologists’ Association Annual Awards 2023

12 News Item: Commemorating the Ashdon Meteorite; By: Gerald Lucy & Mike Howgate

14 Obituary: Dr Robin M. Cocks OBE TD. Compiled by Diana Clements & Richard Fortey

15 Book Review: The Magnetism of Antarctica - The Ross Expedition 1839 - 1843; John Knight. By: David Brook

16 Evening Lecture February 2023: The Winchcombe Meteorite; Dr Ashley King. By: Lesley Exton

19 Book Review: The Great Book of Glacial Boulders - Scandinavian Glacial Boulders; Harry Huisman & Marja Braaksma. By: Tim Holt-Wilson

26 News Item: GASS2023 Review. By: Nicholas Pierpoint

24 Circular

27 Book Review: George Cumberland: Farming-Family-Fossils. Aspects of a Somerset life in letters 1800 - 1835. K.J.Evans. By: Christopher Toland

29 Evening Lecture April 2023: The Pebbles of the Ice Age Coast; Dr Mike Horne. By: Lesley Exton

31 News Item: Getting the Shakes in Surrey - Global Seismicity as seen from the Mole Valley. By: Dr Mark Eller

35 News Item: Westmorland Geological Society 50th Anniversary. By: Richard Wrigley

36 News Item: Discovery & recovery of a new large theropod dinosaur track from the Middle Jurassic of the Cleveland Basin of North Yorkshire. By: John Hudson

38 Obituary: T. Paul Rainey. Compiled by Diana Clements with further contributions

41 Opinion Article: The Gap is plugged. By: Arthur Tingley

43 Rockwatch News

Selected excerpts