GA Magazine
Volume 22, Issue 3
September 2023

Table of Contents

3  From the President

4 Council Matters

6 Evening Lecture Abstract December 2023: The extinction of a great apex predator: implications on a food web structure. Amy Shipley

7 Presidential Address May 2023: The “Bilston Stone Quarries” digging up the past - geology & genealogy. Graham Hickman. By: Lesley Exton

10 Evendons STEM Fair. By Alison Barraclough

11  Field Meeting Report: Hertfordshire Geological Society - Aylesbury building stone walk & Discover Bucks Museum. Leaders Graham Hickman & Michael Palmer. By: Lesley Exton

14 Field Meeting Report: Wealden of ‘Smokejacks’ brickworks - on the 40th anniversary of discovery of Baryonyx. Leaders & By Peter Austen & Ed Jarzembowski

16 Field Meeting Report: Archaeology & Geology of the Teke Peninsula, Turkiye - Part One. Leader Alison Ure assisted by Prof. David Bridgland & Tolga Kanik. By All participants.

22 Circular

27 Field Meeting Report: Milton Keynes. Leader & By Tom hose

32 Field Meeting Report: Pembrokeshire Coast, southwest Wales. Leader Jonathan Turner. By: Ray Pratt & Mims Cast

36 Curry Fund News Report: The making of a Mini series - Landscape, Landforms & Geology of the Jurassic Coast. By: Ali Ferris

39 Opinion Article: A Geology Ramble - Chelmsford 1895. By: Peter Wynn

42 Rockwatch News

Selected excerpts