GA Prizes and Medals

Prizes Nominations deadline is normally the 31st January.

The President’s Medal
The President’s Medal was inaugurated in 2017 and is given in acknowledgement of long-service contribution to the continued administration and benefit of the Geologists’ Association. It is open to both Council and non-Council members and is awarded by the current and at least two former Presidents of the Geologists’ Association.

The Foulerton Award
Open to Members of the Association, this award is made in recognition of work of merit connected with the Association, and serves to encourage future, as well as to recognize past work. Nominated by Council.

The Halstead Medal
Open to non-Members and Members of the Association, the Halstead Medal is for work of outstanding merit, deemed to further the objectives of the Association and to promote Geology. Nominated by members.

The Halstead Award
Open to non-Members and Members of the Association, the Halstead Award of a certificate and up to £500 will be given to an individual who has made a substantial contribution in any area of geology at an early stage in their career. Nominated by members.

The Richardson Award
Open to Members of the Association for the best research-based paper in each annual volume of the Proceedings of the Geologists’ Association. Nominated by Council.

The Henry Stopes Memorial Fund
A bronze medal (the Henry Stopes Memorial Medal awarded once every 3 years), for work on the Prehistory of Man and his geological environment, to any Member of the Geologists’ Association or other person without restriction as to country or sex, preference being given to non-professionals. Nominated by members.