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Book Cover 46 Isle of Man22. Geology of the Dorset Coast (2016)
John C. W. Cope

New: 2nd edition of the Geologists’ Association Guide to the Dorset Coast

The Dorset coast has provided the training ground for many aspiring geologists and also attracts amateur geologists in large numbers. This guide provides information that will be accessible to those from all levels of geological background. In addition to the description of the succession, the guide covers many other aspects of the geology as they arise and includes information about access. The new second edition includes updated stratigraphical details and benefits from data and new interpretations by Malcolm Butler (chair of UK Online Geophysical Library) of six north-south seismic lines over the county. These enhance the value of the guide and add a further dimension to the geological descriptions. The seismic profiles can be downloaded at a larger scale from the UKOGL website (



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