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Book Cover 46 Isle of Man71. The Coast of the Bristol Region:
Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology
compiled by David J. Case

The Quaternary geology and geomorphology of the Bristol Region coastline has great importance as a record of, and analogue for, climate fluctuation and sea-level change. This guide covers five excursions between Oldbury Flats, c. 7 km north-east of the First Severn Road Bridge, to Lilstock, c. 12 km west of Burnham-on-Sea:

Excursion 1: Late Quaternary geology and geomorphology in the Severn Estuary, Aust-Northwick Warths and Oldbury Flats.

Excursion 2: Pleistocene glaciation and Holocene sea-level rise, the Gordano Valley.

Excursion 3: Late Quaternary geology and geomorphology of the Middle Hope headland and Sand Bay.

Excursion 4: Late Devensian geology and Holocene coastal development, Burnham-on-Sea to Brean Down.

Excursion 5: Holocene coastal change and geomorphology of the Lilstock to Stert coastline.

The excursions cover the English side of the Severn Estuary where the River Severn meets the Bristol Channel and they have been selected as they provide an insight into a range of Quaternary events, landforms, landscapes and human activities. The itineraries have been crafted to enable examination of evidence for Quaternary environmental change, with a focus on the evolution of the current coastline following sea-level rise after the last glacial stage. The coastline has been affected by human activities since the Neolithic and it is an important element of this Guide to consider the relationship between people and the coast up until now, and for the future, in the light of predicted sea-level rise. Where appropriate, points of historical and geographical interest beyond the immediate themes of this text are drawn out, particularly where their occurrence is related to the geology or geomorphology of the region.

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