GA Evening Lectures

October 7th
The rise and fall of the last British-Irish Ice Sheet
Prof Chris Clark

The Geologists’ Association organises a series of illustrated evening lectures on a wide range of geological topics. These are held on the first Friday of the month.

During COVID restrictions lectures were held virtually, over Zoom. As restrictions are relaxed the GA plan to host a blend of fully virtual and hybrid lectures. Our hybrid lectures will be held both in the Janet Watson Lecture Theatre of the Geological Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly W1V 0JU & simultaneously over Zoom. For those members and visitors attending in person we aim to provide refreshments before and after the lecture in the lower library. Details of the refreshments provided will be posted on the website for each lecture.

For those planning to attend over Zoom, please note the GA Virtual Meetings Advice, Protocol and Risk Assessment

Non-members are always welcome to attend for an introductory visit arranged by phoning (020 7434 9298) or emailing ( the Executive Secretary to book a place. The GA reserve the right to request a small charge for returning non-member attendance.


January 7th via Zoom          
Secret Life of Crinoids
Dr Aaron Hunter

February 4th via Zoom
Pushing back the boundaries of early life
Dr Martin Homann (UCL, London)

Mar 4th via Zoom
Halstead Lecture: The power of outreach in the geosciences
Amy Edgington

April 1st via Zoom
The age of sea lilies & rainforests - life in a Carboniferous World
Dr Nick Riley

May 6th - Hybrid Meeting (virtual and in person lecture)
AGM and Presidential Address
Defining catchments in karst environments
Dr Vanessa Banks

June 3rd
Henry Stopes Memorial Lecture: Mapping the past: Quaternary Palaeogeography
Professor Martin Bates

July 1st
Manchester  Old crust, new ideas': Constraining lunar crustal formation using trace-elements
Dr John Pernet-Fisher

October 7th
The rise and fall of the last British-Irish Ice Sheet
Prof Chris Clark

December 2nd
Volcanic activity up close
Dr Evgyeniya Ilyinskaya

GA Video Lectures

Past lectures are normally only available to Members of the GA in the Members area but for the duration of the Covid-19 Lockdown, they will be freely available to all who would like to view them here: GA Video Lectures

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