GA Magazine
Volume 18, Issue 2
June 2019

Table of Contents

3  From the President

4  Report from Council

6 Geologists’ Association Awards 2019

10 Evening Lecture Abstract: July 2019; Cretaceous Amber: bits of ancient ecosystems. By: Dr Ricardo Perez-De-La-Fuerente

10 Evening Lecture Abstract: October 2019; Searching for a Giant Impact Crater in Scotland. By: Dr Mike Simms

12 Evening Lecture Report: March 2019; The Secret Life of Salt Giants. By: Sian Evans

14 Evening Lecture Report: February 2019; The Climate, Palaeogeography and early Human settlement of Britain. By: Prof. Nick Ashton

17 Circular

20  GeoWeek Event: Kendal Museum. By Richard Wrigley

21  Opinion Article: Hertfordshire Puddingstone, a stream and river deposit. By: Russell Yeomans

23  News Item: The Scunthorpe Pliosaur. By Nicholas Pierpoint & Michael Oates

24  Curry Fund Project: RIGS Lost and found in Leicestershire. By: Gill Weightman

26  News Item: Potton Scout Hut Quarry; accessible ramp opening ceremony. By: Bev Fowlston

27  Book Review: William Smith’s Fossils Reunited. By Tom Sharpe 

30 News Item: Mole Valley Geological Society 40th Birthday Geo-extravaganza. By Dick Selley

33 Rockwatch News

Selected excerpts