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'Rivers through Geological Time'
October 13 and 14
Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter

Organizers: Jenny Bennett, David Bridgland, Rosemary Stewart, Richard Scrivener

Speakers and talks will include:

  • Meeting overview and earliest Earth rivers
    Martin Gibling

  • Torridonian rivers
    Geraint Owen

  • Old Red Sandstone rivers
    Susan Marriot

  • Carboniferous and Recent deltas of Bideford Bay
    Chris Cornford

  • Rivers of the New Red Sandstone
    Richard Scrivener

  • Fluvial deposits as repositories of fossils
    Eric Buffetaut

  • Role of fluvial deposits as oil reservoirs
    Richard Selley

  • Fluvial deposits as archives of geomorphology
    Gerald Nanson

  • Fluvial archives, crustal rheology and solid Earth mechanisms
    Rob Westaway

  • Fluvial archives as evidence for landscape evolution
    David Bridgland

  • The Palaeolithic Rivers of SW Britain:
    ALSF Project - Laura Basell
    Holocene (fluvial processes) - Tony Brown
    Holocene (geoarchaeology) - Andy Howard

  • Exeter and its river
    Jenny Bennett


Further contributions invited for oral or poster presentations.

Please email: for more details.

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