Join us for an interesting and informative evening! The Geologists’ Association organizes a series of illustrated evening lectures on a wide range of geological topics. These take place on the first Friday of the month and are held in the Janet Watson Lecture Theatre of the Geological Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly W1V 0JU.

Please note change of start time: Tea at 5.30 pm with the lecture starting at 6.00 pm. All the above meetings are held in the Lecture Theatre of the Geological Society. Following the talk we have a reception in the lower library with wine and nibbles.

Non-members are very welcome to attend for an introductory visit - please telephone (020 7434 9298) or email (sarah@geologistsassociation.org.uk) the Executive Secretary to book a place.

Abstracts for lectures are also now available by clicking here.

If you have missed a lecture, the majority are available to view again online for members here (please note: members login will be required). Lectures over a year old are available to non-members as well and can be viewed here.


January 6 - Prof Paul Upchurch
New Perspectives on dinosaur diversity and extinction

February 3 - Prof Simon Lewis
The Palaeolithic of Breckland: old sites, new questions           Henry Stopes Memorial Lecture 

March 3 - Dr Thomas Gernon
Diamonds and Chocolate: New Volcanic Process Discovered

April 7 - Professor Tim Reston      
Crustal Thinning – What happens when a continent breaks up

May 5 - Dr Colin Prosser        
AGM and Presidential Address
Conserving Rocks! -  How did that come about? A brief history of Geoconservation in the UK

June 2 - Dean Lomax        
The incredible Ichthyosaurus: a reassessment of a British Jurassic Icon

July 7 - Antonio Ferreira
Radon, the Geogenic Gas

October 6 - Dr Maria McNamara   
New Advances in the study of fossil animal colour

December 1 - Prof Tamsin Mather
Volcanoes and Global change?



January 8 - Dr Fausto Ferraccioli
The Gambursev Subglacial Mountains parodox in East Antarctica: solved or enduringly enigmatic?

February 5 - Dr Imran Rahman
A Virtual World of Palaeontology 

March 11 - Dr Nick Longrich
Giant marine reptiles and whales during the Eocene-Oligocene cooling event

April 1 - Dr Julie Prytulak
The Biggest Volcano on Earth

May 6 - Dr Haydon Bailey       
AGM and Presidential Address
Foraminifera II: Planktonics - The free floating story

June 3 - Dr Colin Summerhayes
Cambridge Earth's Climate Evolution

July 1 - Dr Lidia Lonergan
The Geology and Scenery of Italy: the Role of Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tectonic Plates

*POSTPONED* October 7 - Dr Antonio Ferreira
Radon, a silent GeoHazard

*Change of talk*
October 7
- Haydon Bailey
The Geology of the Chilterns and the potential impact of HS2

December 2 -Prof John Cosgrove
The Evolution of a fold thrust belt – an example from the Zagros Mountains of Iran


Next Lecture

July 7 - Antonio Ferreira

Radon, the Geogenic Gas

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