Overseas Field Meetings

The Geologists’ Association organizes a number of overseas field meetings.  If you would like further information on any of the events below, please contact Sarah Stafford at the GA Office on 020 7434 9298 or by e-mail at: fieldmeetings@geologistsassociation.org.uk.

Please wait for confirmation before booking your travel arrangements

Overseas Trips 2018

Geology of the Shetland Isles Geopark
June 5 – 12, 2018

Leaders Allen Fraser and Robina Barton (both have played major roles in establishing the Shetland Geopark)

Please email fieldmeetings@geologistsassociation.org.uk to register your interest.

Our first three days will be spent on the islands of Unst and Fetlar where we will examine aspects of the Shetland Ophiolite nappes. These will include depleted mantle and magma chamber rocks, inter-nappe sheared conglomerates and a later granite intrusion. We will also visit abandoned chromite quarries from the 19th. and 20th. centuries and a restored horse-driven ore crushing circle.

The remaining days will be spent on Mainland (Shetland’s largest island). In the north we will see evidence of the Storegga Slide tsunami and visit the best exposure of the Great Glen Fault in Britain as well as quarries in the Northaven Plutonic Complex. A whole day will be devoted to exposures of a Devonian volcano in an Old Red Sandstone basin. Another day will be spent traversing the metamorphic and granitic rocks of Central Mainland. We will also investigate the metamorphic rocks and Devonian basin sediments of South Mainland. Here we will see Upper Dalradian phyllites, meta-volcanics, a massive sulphide deposit and Viking soapstone quarries. Sedimentary basin deposits include desert dune, alluvial fan, river and lake sediments with fish fossils. Generally there will be evidence of glacial activity and rapid sea level rise including St. Ninian’s Isle sand tombolo.

Members of this field trip will need to make their own arrangements to get to Lerwick in Shetland for the start of the trip on June 5. You may wish to travel by overnight ferry in which case you will be met off the ferry on the morning of June 5. Those of you who decide to fly will need to arrive in Lerwick on June 4. We will be able to make arrangements for your overnight accommodation on the night of 4 June for which there will be an extra charge. The Trip will finish after breakfast on June 12.

Fees for the trip : Twin /Double £675

Single £785

These fees include 3 nights half board accommodation at the Saxa Vord resort at Haroldswick, Unst and four nights B&B accommodation at the Scalloway Hotel, 7 miles from Lerwick in Scalloway village. Also included are the services of Allen and Robina, transport by minibus, inter island ferry charges and entrance fees to Unst Heritage Centre.

Please note that the number of places for this trip is strictly limited, particularly single rooms in Mainland.

Please email fieldmeetings@geologistsassociation.org.uk to register your interest.

Overseas Trips 2020

Geological and Archaeological trip to the Teke Peninsula of Lycia in Southern Turkey

15th to 25th April 2020. Leaders Professor David Bridgland, Dr Robert Westaway and Alison Ure.

This successful and popular trip has been run 3 times previously by OUGS, and this will be the third time David and Rob have led it. A write up in the OUGS national newsletter September 2014 can be accessed through the OUGS website. The area covered is the Lycian Region of South West Turkey, an area laid down in the Cretaceous times and shaped by the closure of the Tethys Ocean thrusting ocean floor overland in two opposing directions. The trip has been extended by a day from the previous trips, to incorporate evidence of the recent discovery of a meteorite impact, creating the formation of Kaş Bay. If you have never visited Turkey before this is an excellent opportunity to discover the fabulous hospitality of the people, great food, fascinating cultural and archaeological history, along with an array of very interesting geological features. Oh and then there is the weather!!

Information on the hotels and most of the sites mentioned in the itinerary below can be found on line. A more comprehensive itinerary will be sent later.

Suggested reading ‘Archaeology and Geology of Lycia Southern Turkey’ by Dr Jill Eyers. (Rocks Afoot field guide series)

Cost will be dependent on numbers in the group, and may be subject to change. The approximate cost will be £860 per person for minimum of 10 persons and £695 per person for a maximum of 20 persons. This price does not include flights and is based on shared accommodation. This price does include 10 nights B&B, transfers to and from the airport (if arriving with the main group) 2 dinners and 1 lunch, coach and driver, Turkish guide and three leaders, and entry to all ancient sites. A single supplement of £100 will be added for those not wanting shared accommodation.

A minimum of 10 people is needed to make this trip viable.

Personal travel insurance is a necessity for this trip however Turkey is deemed as being in Europe with most insurance companies!

A visa will be required but this is a 2 minute online process costing around 20$.

Please note that despite recent political issues in Turkey the area visited on this trip is very safe and is a long way away from any troublesome borders, and the current exchange rate is very favourable for English visitors.

Proposed itinerary: subject to change.

Day 1: Flight to Antalya, Transfer to The Atelya Hotel in the Old town of Antalya.

Current suggested flight, Easy Jet, from Gatwick at 15.35, arriving in Antalya 21.55 (This may change for April 2020)

Day 2: Free day to explore the Old Town of Antalya originally founded by the Romans. Welcome dinner.

Hotel: Atelya Art Hotel, Antalya.

Day 3: Am: Introduction and overview discussion by David and Rob about the area to be covered during the trip, followed by a drive to Kırk Göz to observe and discuss the processes of the formation of the Antalya plain, travertine, and surrounding limestone mountains.

Pm: Antalya museum: this excellent museum gives a clear history of the area including several ancient sites to be visited.

Hotel: Atelya Art Hotel, Antalya.

Day 4: Am: Black rock at Kumluca, ophiolite outcrop followed by Phaselis an ancient site made up of three harbours. An unconformity of travertine sitting above ophiolite rock will be observed from the roadside.

Pm: Chimera everlasting flames, which have been burning for over 2000yrs, this is a 2km walk up steps.

Hotel: Phellos, Kaş.

Day 5: Am: Observation and discussion of the Kasaba Lineament and Kasaba Valley before entering the Dirgenler gorge and visiting limestone quarries followed by a visit to St Nicholas church during the lunch break

Pm: Visit to Myra an ancient site with amazing Rock tombs from the Lycian age and a beautifully preserved Roman theatre followed by the Lycian Museum set in a Roman Grain store by the ancient harbour of Andriake now a silted up wetland and home to a large variety of birds.

Hotel: Phellos, Kaş.

Day 6: Ferry trip (30mins) to the Greek Island of Kastellorizo on the opposite side of Kaş bay. 2-2.5km gentle walk (road, but uphill) to view evidence of the newly discovered meteorite impact that formed Kaş Bay. After lunch weather & time permitting, there may be a boat trip to a large sea cave for those interested or a gentle stroll around this lovely Greek outpost

Hotel: Phellos, Kaş.

Day 7: Am: Crystal walk, a 4km walk to view an unusual outcrop of calcite and aragonite.

Pm: Kekova sunken city, a boat trip observing the results of two earthquakes 100years apart

Hotel: Phellos, Kaş

Day 8: Am: Visit to Xanthos ancient site, capital of Lycian region, followed by Saklikent gorge.

Pm: Following the fault line from the head of the gorge we a visit Girmeler caves and thermal springs.

Hotel: Muzzy’s Place, Kayaköy, Greek ghost town.

Day 9: Am: Walk from Kayaköy to Oludeniz 6/7km over the mountains with a variety of different rocks from black breccia of the Tefenni thrust (re-crystallised limestone), black dolomitic limestone, and some schists.

Pm: Opportunity to observe a section of the Köyceğiz thrust showing different thicknesses of limestone beds, tension gashes and chert nodules on the beach. A drive up to Butterfly Valley where a copybook anticline can be observed along with an awesome 400m wall of seriously multi folded and reverse thrusted red shales, interlayered with limestone.

Hotel: Muzzy’s Place, Kayaköy.

Day 10: Am: Driving down the old road we stop briefly at Telmessos ancient site before going hunting for chromite ore in a road cutting. We then travel over the mountain road inland from Fethyie to Antalya, a drive of such intense geological interest it could be a 7 day trip in itself!

Pm: The last stop is Karain cave the oldest settlement in Turkey, evidence of Palaeolithic habitation dating back to 150,000/200,000yrs ago, including Neanderthal. Farewell dinner.

Hotel: Atelya, Antalya

Day 11: Free morning: to pick up souvenirs and gifts.

12:00: depart hotel to visit Perge an ancient site and Kurşunlu waterfall where we observe travertine formation.

18:00/18:30 dropped off at Antalya airport for 20:00 check in and 22:45 flight returning to Gatwick at 1.15.

To register your interest please email: fieldmeetings@geologistsassociation.org.uk