Overseas Field Meetings

The Geologists’ Association organizes a number of overseas field meetings.  If you would like further information on any of the events below, please contact Sarah Stafford at the GA Office on 020 7434 9298 or by e-mail at: fieldmeetings@geologistsassociation.org.uk.

Please wait for confirmation before booking your travel arrangements

Overseas Trips 2018

Geology of the Shetland Isles Geopark
June 5 – 12, 2018

Leaders Allen Fraser and Robina Barton (both have played major roles in establishing the Shetland Geopark)

Please email fieldmeetings@geologistsassociation.org.uk to register your interest.

Our first three days will be spent on the islands of Unst and Fetlar where we will examine aspects of the Shetland Ophiolite nappes. These will include depleted mantle and magma chamber rocks, inter-nappe sheared conglomerates and a later granite intrusion. We will also visit abandoned chromite quarries from the 19th. and 20th. centuries and a restored horse-driven ore crushing circle.

The remaining days will be spent on Mainland (Shetland’s largest island). In the north we will see evidence of the Storegga Slide tsunami and visit the best exposure of the Great Glen Fault in Britain as well as quarries in the Northaven Plutonic Complex. A whole day will be devoted to exposures of a Devonian volcano in an Old Red Sandstone basin. Another day will be spent traversing the metamorphic and granitic rocks of Central Mainland. We will also investigate the metamorphic rocks and Devonian basin sediments of South Mainland. Here we will see Upper Dalradian phyllites, meta-volcanics, a massive sulphide deposit and Viking soapstone quarries. Sedimentary basin deposits include desert dune, alluvial fan, river and lake sediments with fish fossils. Generally there will be evidence of glacial activity and rapid sea level rise including St. Ninian’s Isle sand tombolo.

Members of this field trip will need to make their own arrangements to get to Lerwick in Shetland for the start of the trip on June 5. You may wish to travel by overnight ferry in which case you will be met off the ferry on the morning of June 5. Those of you who decide to fly will need to arrive in Lerwick on June 4. We will be able to make arrangements for your overnight accommodation on the night of 4 June for which there will be an extra charge. The Trip will finish after breakfast on June 12.

Fees for the trip : Twin /Double £675

Single £785

These fees include 3 nights half board accommodation at the Saxa Vord resort at Haroldswick, Unst and four nights B&B accommodation at the Scalloway Hotel, 7 miles from Lerwick in Scalloway village. Also included are the services of Allen and Robina, transport by minibus, inter island ferry charges and entrance fees to Unst Heritage Centre.

Please note that the number of places for this trip is strictly limited, particularly single rooms in Mainland.

Please email fieldmeetings@geologistsassociation.org.uk to register your interest.