The Geologists’ Association is committed to encouraging top-quality scientific research and dissemination through various media. The GA not only supports a number of research awards for student and full members, some of which are also available to non-members, but it also has a long-established learned journal of international reputation, the Proceedings of the Geologists’ Association. A number of prizes (the Curry MSc prizes and the Ivor Tupper Fund) reward academic excellence in postgraduate and undergraduate students. Through the Curry Fund, the GA makes a number of annual awards that also promote research, for example the conservation of key specimens and reporting on significant geological sections that may be temporarily exposed. Here too, the Curry Fund supports scientific dissemination through loans for publication costs and other activities.

As well as the evening lecture series, the GA also runs one-day scientific meetings that bring together recognized experts in the field to discuss topics of geological significance. Papers arising from the meetings are published in our journal, the Proceedings of the Geologists’ Association.