The Schoolrocks! Geological Association’s team, working with teachers, has put together boxes containing real rocks and fossils for your students to see, investigate and draw. Your classes will be intrigued by ammonites that lived in the Jurassic Period, or the different colours and textures of crystals in some of the rocks.

Each box contains a memory stick with exciting lesson plans, teaching ideas and fun activities for Key Stage 2 Science 'Rocks and Soils’.

We are aware that current restrictions prevent the children from handling and sharing the rocks and fossils, so the Schoolrocks! team have a limited number of visualisers available for loan to help make learning more fun and engaging.

The boxes and visualisers are available for a returnable deposit, plus delivery charges.

For more information or to book a box and visualiser, please contact us at SchoolRocks . We look forward to hearing from you.